Unofficial - Udemy Course Creation, Management and Marketing

Unofficial - Udemy Course Creation, Management and Marketing

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Unofficial - Udemy Course Creation, Management & Marketing

Learn techniques for creation, management and marketing of your Udemy courses in this unofficial course creation guide

What you'll learn

  • Planning, creating and setting up your Udemy course

  • Managing your course, creating announcements and promoting it

  • Using the performance features and insights tools

  • Creating test videos and creating promotional coupons


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Learn how to create, manage and promote your Udemy course, using internal and external techniques, all whilst staying within the limits of policies allowed by Udemy themselves. Note that all information on this course is correct at the time of publication, however this may be subject to change at any time, be sure to check official pages for the latest information.


Some of the topics covered on this course are as follows:


* How to use features such as educational announcements and promotional announcements - these have different uses and different rules surrounding them, and these are important to remember when you are promoting your course.

* How to use the marketing insights tools to optimise your keywords - these are unique depending on your course and it's content, and can often change as well with time.

* How to connect with the audience of your course - Make sure that you are providing valuable and educational content (this is actually a requirement to get a course approved)

* Making use of the video test features - get feedback from Udemy themselves before you even finish recording your course, i.e. make sure that your camera and mic setup would pass the quality review guidelines.


On completing this course, you should have a better understanding of how course creation, management and marketing works on the Udemy platform.


Who this course is for:

  • Udemy instructors that are looking for ways to market their courses more effectively
Unofficial - Udemy Course Creation, Management and Marketing

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