Udemy - Create And Manage A Contact Database In Microsoft Access

Udemy - Create And Manage A Contact Database In Microsoft Access

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Create and Manage a Contact Database in Microsoft Access

Perform common tasks such as adding, editing, deleting, searching, and sorting contacts. Store and organize information

What you'll learn

  • Explain the benefits and features of a contact management database in Microsoft Access

  • Plan and design a contact management database that meets your needs and preferences

  • Create tables and relationships that store and organize your contact data

  • Use queries to filter, sort, and summarize your contact data

  • Create forms and subforms that allow you to enter and edit your contact data

  • Create reports and labels that present and print your contact data


  • A basic understand of Microsoft Access and a computer with Microsoft Access loaded


A contact management database is a tool that helps you store and organize information about your customers, clients, suppliers, or other contacts. It can also help you track interactions, tasks, appointments, and events related to your contacts. A contact management database in Microsoft Access can have the following objectives:

- To create a centralized and searchable repository of contact information that can be accessed by multiple users or devices.

- To design a user-friendly and customizable interface that allows you to view, edit, add, delete, or filter contacts based on various criteria.

- To generate reports, queries, forms, or charts that summarize or analyze the contact data for different purposes, such as marketing, sales, customer service, or communication.

- To integrate the contact management database with other applications or systems, such as email, calendar, phone, or web services, that can enhance the functionality and usability of the database.

- To ensure the security, reliability, and integrity of the contact data by implementing backup, recovery, encryption, authentication, or validation procedures.


This is a Microsoft Access tutorial set at a basic level. How to create a simple Contact management database in Microsoft Access in nine the steps, The steps are as follows:

Step 1 Tables design and formatting, relationships, one to many, lookup lists and data types

Step 2 Forms and form design - sub forms – tab forms – re-position fields add lookup fields

Step 3 Sales funnels, using charts, inserting a chart in a report, formatting a chart

Step 4 How to create an invoice, create a report with calculations, grouping and summary totals

Step 5 How to create a customer statement report. Base a report on a parameter query and run per customer.

Step 6 How to create a sales report. Create sales reports based on customers

Step 7 How to use macros to automate processes. Use Macros to attach to buttons rather than using the wizard. Macros are used to export data, close objects

Step 8 How to create a navigation pane and amend it. Navigation pane are pre-set, but new panes help organise database objects. Users can create Categories and add groups to the navigation pane. Each Access object forms part of a group, whichever group is selected. The groups are collapsible.

Step 9 How to create an update form, based on an update query and lookup boxes. Reports run from an update from based on the result of the query running behind the scenes.

Accompanying each step is a practise file to use and an exercise to complete. Students with a copy of Microsoft Access should be able to build a CRM database by the end of the course.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to create and manage a contact database using Microsoft Access. You will learn how to design and build a database, enter and edit data, create queries and reports, and customize the user interface. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this course will help you master the essential skills of contact management with Microsoft Access.
Udemy - Create And Manage A Contact Database In Microsoft Access

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