Udemy - Real-World UX Design Training

Udemy - Real-World UX Design Training

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Real-World UX Design Training

From Theory to Practice: Real-World Applications in UX Design Training

What you'll learn

  • Aspiring UX Designers, beginners to advanced level. Product and Project managers. Front-end developers.

  • Be confident about applying the classic UX process and understand the difference between the classic process and its application in the real life scenarios.

  • Individual work vs team work, stakeholders.

  • Portfolio and preparation for UX design interviews.

  • Tactical UX Skills: UX Research, Personas, User Interviews, User Stories, Information Architecture, Low-Fi wireframing, Design Systems, Mockups, Prototyping


  • Basic Figma skills.


Are you ready to take your first step toward an amazing career in UX design? Look no further than Real-World UX Design Training! Our school is the perfect place to get practical, hands-on training in this exciting field.

We truly believe that UX design is the key to creating products and services that people will love, and we are passionate about helping our students develop the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to succeed in this industry.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers all the essential aspects of UX design, and you’ll finish our program with a top-notch portfolio that showcases your abilities and experience, ready to take on any UX design challenge that comes your way.

At Real-World UX Design Training, we’re all about creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. We embrace diversity and welcome students from all backgrounds and experiences. We know that everyone brings something unique to the table, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to our school.

So why wait? Come join our Real-World UX Design Training family and start your journey toward an awesome career in UX design! We’re excited to help you achieve your goals and launch your dream career. Thank you for considering us for your UX design education!

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring UX designers and UX designers who'd like to move up to the next level in their career.
  • Product managers who'd like to increase the effectiveness of work with UX design teams.
Udemy - Real-World UX Design Training

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