Udemy - Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for Cyber Security 2024

Udemy - Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for Cyber Security 2024

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Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT for Cyber Security 2024

Master Cyber Security/Ethical Hacking With Artificial Intelligence - Implement, Uncover Risks and Navigate The AI Era

What you'll learn

  • Learn ChatGPT for Cyber Security

  • Learn Prompt Engineering

  • Use Advanced ChatGPT functionality

  • Implement Bypassing ChatGPT filters

  • Learn Social Engineering with Artificial Intelligence

  • Create a Voice Clone with AI

  • Create Deepfake Videos For Social Engineering with AI

  • Learn AI Based SIEM

  • Learn AI Based Firewalls

  • Learn Email Filtering with AI

  • Learn AI In Identity and Access Management

  • Build an Email Filtering System with AI and Python

  • Build a Phishing detection system with AI and Python

  • Implement Artificial Intelligence in Network Security

  • Using Logistic Regression Algorithm for Network Monitoring

  • Create Malware Detection system with AI and Python

  • Learn Decision Trees Algorithm

  • Learn K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm KNN

  • Learn Data Poisoning Attack

  • Cover Data Bias Vulnerability

  • Learn Model Vulnerabilities

  • Cover Ethical Concerns of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT

  • Learn Basics of Cyber Security

  • Learn Basics of Artificial Intelligence

  • Learn Basics of Python Programming


  • No Cyber Security or AI Knowledge is required. We cover everything from scratch!

  • A computer(Windows/Linux/Mac) with internet connection

  • Basic Python Programming Knowledge Is a plus for some lectures


Whether you are an aspiring AI enthusiast eager to delve into the realm of Cyber Security, a student aiming to fortify your understanding of securing digital landscapes, or a seasoned programmer who is looking to implement Python and Artificial Intelligence into Cyber Security Tools, this course is tailored for you!



Udemy - Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for Cyber Security 2024

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