Udemy - Python For Everybody - Python Programming MADE EASY

Udemy - Python For Everybody - Python Programming MADE EASY

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Python For Everybody : Learn Python Programming MADE EASY

Python Programming for Beginners. Learn Python for Data Science. Learn Web Development Python / Machine Learning Python.

What you'll learn

  • ESSENTIAL concepts of Python programming

  • Be INSPIRED to continue learning and loving the Python language

  • That Python is the best beginner programming language

  • Learn Python programming language syntax

  • How to install Python on Mac and Windows

  • How to print Hello World in Python

  • Python variables

  • Python data types

  • Python string manipulation

  • Python string operations

  • Python functions

  • Python loops

  • Python operators

  • Python conditionals

  • Python data structures

  • Python is the most popular programming language

  • Python global variables

  • Python modules

  • Python exception handling

  • Python logical and physical lines

  • Python file operations

  • Python virtual environments

  • Python pandas

  • Pythonic code

  • Python Object-Oriented Programming

  • Python special variables like __name__

  • Python matplotlib


  • There are NO prerequisites for this course

  • ANYONE can learn Python - Python for Everybody


Yes, Python developers are in high demand.

Python software engineers are also among the highest-paid software developers today, earning an average income of $150,000 a year.

The Python language is easy to learn, yet POWERFUL.

YouTube, Dropbox, Google, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit, Netflix, Pinterest - they are all developed using Python.

And most recently, ChatGPT is also written in Python.

Learning Python opens up the possibilities of a whole new career in Machine Learning and Data Science.

The course is presented in an easy-to-follow format with animation and graphics.

I put in my very best to make it as easy to understand as possible for everybody.

There will be no quizzes, no assignments, no exercises. These are too academic. The focus of this course is to reinforce the concepts through interesting video presentations.

This is a hands-on course that provides the student with step-by-step guidance in coding Python programs, explaining the syntax and concepts behind every piece of code that is shown.

Variables, Data Structures, Algorithms, Control Structures, Functions, Language Syntax, and more, are all taught in this course.

For the benefit of those who are new to programming, there is a video on what programming is all about.

different approach from the usual instructor typing code teaching method has been adopted - the computer types the codes instead.

Free preview of some of the videos are available - without you having to pay a cent.

This will allow potential course buyers to make a well-informed decision before paying for it.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This is a foundation course in Python that does not assume any knowledge of programming.

Also, remember to keep your expectations that this is supposed to be a beginners' course and does not go into intermediate or advanced Python.

However, new videos are added continuously that advance students' learning further - at no further cost to those who have already purchased this course.

In doing so, this course has inadvertently advanced itself into a basic + intermediate course.

This course started with 20 videos - today, it has expanded to 49 videos - and will continue to do so.

I make use of "Educational and Promotional Announcements" to reach out to all existing students whenever I update existing videos or add new videos.

As an instructor for a course that is for everybody who wants to learn programming in Python (“Python for Everybody”), it is imperative to cater to those who are new and have little to no knowledge of this subject.

Recap learning helps those who are completely new (this is a beginners’ course) and it has motivated me to create “in a nutshell” videos that are presented in a different format simply using slides only.

The effort to create just a short recap video is a challenging task for me - and for the slower learners, my extra effort is towards helping this group.

Fast learners and those who already have a programming background can always skip the "in a nutshell" videos - they are carved out as separate videos so that it is easy for you to do so.

This course does not claim to teach everything, just as no other courses can ever teach you everything you need to know about Python.

The main purpose of this course is to ensure students master the essential concepts of the Python language so that they will begin to LOVE the language.

Python variables, Python data types, Python string operations, Python data structures, Python operators, Python conditionals, Python loops, Python functions, Python modules, Python exception handling, Python file operations, Python virtual environments, Python pandas, Python OOP, Pythonic code, Python matplotlib - these topics are all covered in this course.

Many of these topics have Part 2 in the workings.

This course wants you to be inspired to learn Python.

Come on and join me in my Python For Everybody lessons.

So let's get started.

Cheers, and Happy Learning The Python Language.

One more thing :

There is no best instructor.

You should learn from other instructors as well.

Every instructor is different - So Am I.

But every instructor shares something in COMMON -


After taking the course - leave a rating.

And be honest and write truthfully whether it is a good or bad course.

If this course is bad, tell me truthfully so that I can further improve on it.

If this course is good, I hope to help even more potential learners to learn something about Python.

Python Is For Everybody.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to LEARN Python programming
  • Anyone who needs a REFRESHER course in Python
  • Anyone who wants to learn the most POPULAR programming language
  • Anyone who wants to learn the BEST programming language for BEGINNERS
  • Anyone who is needs to program for DATA ANALYTICS and MACHINE LEARNING
Udemy - Python For Everybody - Python Programming MADE EASY

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